Professional Editors

Trained Professional Editors Providing Personal Service

You receive a personal editor who is specifically trained to your writing style. Your editor will read and examine your every word.

We will ensure that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are flawless. We will review all aspects of your writing to make certain the writing is coherent and consistent. All arguments will be substantiated, all the statements will be logical, and all plot lines will be cohesive.

Most importantly, we will maintain your voice and intentions as the author and owner of the text. We will simply make you shine by bringing attention to your thoughts and not your mistakes.

Experienced editors

We only hire professional editors with extensive experience in their specialized writing style / document type. Your editor will have 10 years of writing experience, editing, publishing, critiquing, and/or teaching. We are so confident in their work that we promise guaranteed satisfaction to all of our clients.

Even the most advanced writers need an editor. It is easy to become so close to your writing that you can no longer see what it needs. Your personal editor can take your writing from good to great! Click here to get a free personal sample now…

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Specialized Editing – Easier Selection

Your exclusive editor will specialize in your specific writing style. We do NOT generalize in our editing services.

Thus, we preselect your editor according to your unique needs and writing style. All editors are prescreened and individually trained according to unique writing styles as outlined in our family of web services.

This makes it easier for you to find the right editor for your unique document. No more searching! And we ALWAYS guarantee  your satisfaction!   


Literature & Book Editors

  • Fiction & Non-Fiction Books
  • Ebooks
  • Novels & Short Stories
  • Screenplays

Academic Editors

  • Thesis Editors
  • Dissertation Editors
  • Journal Articles
  • Research Papers
  • Applications & Grant proposals

Copy Editors for Business

  • Business & Personal Letters
  • Ad Copy & Brochures
  • Business Plans & Marketing Plans
  • Proposals & RFPs
  • Sales, Marketing, and Related Presentations
  • Manuals & Instructions
  • Newsletters & Communications
  • Articles, Reports & Disclosures

Book Editing Proofreading Services


Thesis Dissertation Editing Proofreading


Professional Copy Editing Services


If you don’t see what you need on this list, click here and get a firm price quote with a FREE SAMPLE of your specific writing style – today!


PhD Editors at Your Service - No Freelance Editors!

Freelance editors miss deadlines, ignore emails, avoid phone calls, request more money and let their private lives interrupt your paid editing.

Stop searching! We have an experienced, qualified TEAM of PhD hihgly skilled editors ready to assist you. Our editors are full-time professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in editing, proofreading, writing, critiquing, publishing, etc.

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ONLY Native Speaking Editors

At’s editors are originally from the US, Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia. 

We do NOT outsource to the Philippines, India or other such areas of the world.

Our editors are born NATIVE speakers of English and have achieved all their education and training in English.



Get a FREE Disseration Editing Sample

Get a FREE Disseration Editing Sample



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