Worldwide Editing Testimonials

Clients from USA & Canada


"Thanks for a rich edit and great advice"

You did many improvements to my document. PLUS, you suggested that I add more references. This was great advice - I would rather do this now, rather than wait until it is published and wish I would have done it...

Excellent, J. Patterson - Miami, Florida - FL


"I am really impressed by your editing company."

Several literary publishers were interested in my manuscript.  I tried out 3 companies for a free edited sample. You were the only company professionally editing AND returning it the very next day! I will surely recommend you to others.

Thanks, Linda Jones - Chicago, Illinois - IL


"I am VERY pleased with my dissertation editor."

She has really GOOD suggestions. I appreciate her help 100%! Can you please ensure that I can keep her for the rest of my dissertation?

Regards, Michael Kaplan - Ontario, Canada


"I have found my editors notes very useful."

Thank you for your professional critique of my book as well as fulfilling my request for a query letter. Thank you for your services.

Best Regards, Diane Lyndham - New York, New York - NY


"Hello! The editing sample you sent looks excellent."

It gives me a great idea as to what you can do. My order is coming soon!
Looking forward to your professional editing services.

Many thanks, Linn Hallman - Seattle, Washington - WA

Dissertation Editing Clients from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe


"I am VERY satisfied. I really like the editing of my manuscript!"

Thanks for all the hard work with my dissertation. You have been so helpful! I like the changes and am satisfied with them! You will be mentioned in my dissertation for sure!

Christa Larsen - London, England, United Kingdom - UK


"Successfully published at last! You made the dissertation perfect!"

Thanks to both of you. I am sure we will work together again soon. I enjoyed getting your feedback within your edits and comments. Maybe it was our common Southern Hemisphere attitude! You made my dissertation what I needed it to be.

Regards, Steve Wilson - Sydney, Australia - OZ


"Reliable and a good price!"

We just want to state that your editing services are of high quality with a good price. Just what we needed!"

Sincerely, F. Bergmann - The European Publishing House


"The best experience so far with a professional editing company."

I will use your services AGAIN! You did a great job working through my dissertation manuscript. I'm impressed by the detailed recommendations I received. Thanks!

K. Meredith - Birmingham, England, United Kingdom - UK


"Good job! This is the dissertation I want to read!"

Professional and fast services. It looks really good.

Sincerely, Grace Dissertationer - Wellington, New Zealand - NZ


"My dissertation looks much better. I LIKE your editing style very much!"

I was from the start under your magic. Thank you so much and I hope you may tolerate my broken English next time I order from you.

Sasha Kostnykov - Warsaw, Poland

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Get a FREE Disseration Editing Sample



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